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Books and Other Publications

Life and Living 2019: A Seven Year Blueprint for Living Vol. II

Life and Living 2019: A Blueprint for Living by Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol, gives a futuristic perspective of 2019, what to expect month by month within the areas of  love, finances, business, politics, families, agriculture/food, spiritual development and much more. The book, Life and Living 2019: A Blueprint for Living forecast and documents the reading for the New Year 2019 as given by the divine forces known as the Seven African Powers to Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol in spiritual possession.


Life and Living 2016: A Seven Year Blueprint for Living

Life and Living 2016 brings a new perspective on living life. It represents a blueprint for action and understanding. It is a guide to show when is the best time for financial investments, entrepreneurial thrusts, for love, family and health. The reading of the year speaks to spiritual immunities and tells a person how to conquer a dim spiritual light. In all, it is a one-of-a-kind look into the future.

Faith and Fear 2014

Available in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle, this book gives the Reading for the New Year 2014 and provides a prescription for success for the next seven years!



Life and Living 2012

The entire message for the year 2012, entitled "Life and Living - 2012," explains the powers and workings of the divine forces during 2012, and provides month-by-month guidance needed to guarantee a tranquil voyage through the year. You have to see clearly in order to elevate. Knowledge of the New Year's Message and the forces that will move in any day, week, month, or New Year is power!. Using that advance knowledge of what is coming in the paths of the New Year will keep you from being caught in situations that stifle elevation and prepare you to deal with any obstacles that you may face in the year. Get this amazing book now on Kindle.com!

New Years Reading – 2012
Life and Living

The year 2012 is a shared year, ruled by Papa Ogun (the force of fire, faith and strength) and Papa Agwe (the force of light and direction). The message for the year 2012 gives a blueprint for using the strength of Ogun and the sails of Agwe, while also bringing knowledge about critical anchor months. The Loa Baron Criminel, who came in possession on Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol during the Ghede Ceremony at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary on the night of November 12, 2011, gave the message for the upcoming New Year, 2012.

This message speaks about life and living, the power of drama and how to sail through 2012 in tranquility. The predictions for 2012 begin with a reference to the guidance given for the year 2011 and a review of the powers that dominated the year 2011. The power of a year flows from the power of prior years. It is important to be aware of the powers of the past in order to understand the powers of a year that has not yet been lived. The guidance for 2011 was to “be a spade for yourself,” meaning to make a clear, unemotional assessment of your character and behavior on an on-going basis. The powers ruling 2011 (being a spade, surety and unsurety) are essential preparation for the year 2012 and must be appeased in order for the guidance given for the year 2012 to be effective.

The message for the year 2012 brings a new perspective for living in the coming year. It presents a blueprint for action and understanding. It is a guide to show you the best time for financial investments, entrepreneurial thrusts, love, family, and health. The reading of the year tells you what to avoid and how to take advantage of the best opportunities for the year 2012.

The divine force spoke of life and living, explaining the relationship between the wealth of life and the wealth of the land. You are living in life, which is from the wealth of the land. The wealth of the land spreads into the wealth of life. Life has a season and the deeds done during that season determine the remembrance of that life.

Drama is a monster. It is a power as old as the world. Everyone understands it. What people do not realize is that, once invoked, drama cannot be controlled. It destroys. Drama must be avoided in 2012 because this is a year in which emotions will run high. In order to have tranquility you must avoid drama.

The Loa said that the year belongs to two forces: Papa Ogun and Papa Agwe. Some will only see Papa Ogu present in the year because they see the earthquakes, fires and all the other devastations that will come out of the heat of the Petro. On the other hand, the people who can see these two powers will, as a result, do well in business. The year 2012 will provide opportunities for gain in the midst of inflation and economic crises. Those who only see Papa Agwe will think of tornadoes, gale force winds, floods, possible tsunamis and things coming out of the sea that can bring much devastation, destruction and death. On the other hand, those who are seeing Agwe present in the year, but not necessarily focused on the destruction and devastation, could see the good fortune that comes on the wind when things are blown their way. Following the guidance of the spiritual force by changing the way you do business and handle your fortunes will bring enormous benefits in 2012.

Paperback copies of "Life and Living - 2012" to follow...Check out Amazon.com for your Kindle version of the book!


The African Way

The African Way: A Guide to African Culture/Religion is the third book by the high priestess of the Voodoo religion of Haiti, author of Divine Messages of the Loa Volumes I & II. In it, she brings forth information leading all American people, regardless of race, color, or creed, to African based religions the proper way.

The African Way, now available for Kindle on Amazon.com! Click here to view and purchase!


Divine Messages of the Loas

Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, founder and high priestess of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, holds a Voodoo service/ceremony each Sunday morning at her humofor, where in the course of singing the pantheon of the Loas, they come. The Loas come through the medium of spiritual possession, to serve the congregation and, through them, the whole of humanity. They come to heal the sick, to assuage the human spirit, to aid the poor, to feed the hungry, and otherwise to bring comfort, joy, and solace. Most importantly, however, the Loas bring messages: messages for individuals, messages for the congregation, messages for America and for the world at large.

For a long time these messages were the personal property (or burden) of Gro Mambo and the personal memories of those who attend service. This book is represents the first time in history the Divine Messages of the Loas have been made available to the public through the medium of printing. 

Divine Messages of the Loas, Vol. II

This publication represents the second compilation of recordings of messages received through possessions, dreams, or other states. Like the first volume, these messages pinpoint problematic areas of every day life and offer solutions. The Forces of the Haitian Voodoo had never spoken for themselves in any book, movie, or article which had attempted to represent them. Here is their representation in a most pure form. There is simply nothing like these books. 









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