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Priests & Other Clergy

Priests & Other Clergy | Priests in Training 

Below is a listing of the other priests and priestesses of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, along with their backgrounds and areas of speciality.


Gro Houngan Yatandé Novanyon, Idizol (GHYNI)
George Raymond Turnage
Senior Priest / President /Therapist

Who is Gro Houngan Yatandé Novanyon, Idizol?

Gro Houngan Yatandé is a senior priest and President of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, an exemplary Voodoo Sanctuary established in 1977, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from its parent base in Marianni, Haiti. Gro Houngan Yatandé, better known as “Papa Juan,” became an initiated member of the Voodoo sanctuary in 1982 and excelled to become the acting President and has achieved status as a High Priest in 1996 and is still installed in this position today.  In 2014, Papa Yatandé was selected as the President of The National African Religion Congress. Founded in 1999, NARC is a governing and certifying board for Priests and Priestesses of any and all African religions and African-faith based religions in the Caribbean basin and the complete diaspora.  

Education and Experience

Papa Yatandé has four years of college, associates certifications in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, 35 years of intense or concentrated training, studies and service in several areas of support and spiritual activity at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, in the United States and internationally as well.  At LePerisyle Haitian Sanctuary, Papa Juan was trained to become an accomplished reader, a divining priest in the spirit, as well as a talented priest in the study of herbs and treatments by way of baths and complex rituals that promote spiritual healing with physical effectiveness. Papa Juan serves the community at large in areas of treatment for complex illnesses such as cancer and auto immune diseases. He has a long history of service as a therapist for families, marriage, combat disorders, personal behavioral motivation, anger management and more.  Papa Yatandé reaches scores of listeners on NARC Radio who tune in for spiritual lectures and guidance for achieving a higher spiritual consciousness and positive relations with all peoples.  

Values/Personal Skills

For 35 years, Papa Yatandé helped to serve thousands in the sanctuary, maintaining a diligence for doing spiritual work because he believes in its purpose. He consistently displays a burning desire to see that purpose accomplished.

Personal Note

Papa Yatandé use the gifts given to him by God to live his life promoting the best quality of living in himself first, as an example for others to follow.  He has traveled to many places in the world to discover, share and serve others as a Voodoo Priest. He is a songwriter in many genres of music. He is a creative artist and painter in various medias. He is a stand-up Comic.  Papa Yatandé has a desire to work in television, video and film.  He is prayerful that with visual expression an accurate account of African religion can be achieved. Papa Yatandé is working to bring meaningful awareness to women issues around the world along with guidance for our youth in a direction to benefit and teach them why personal change and development is necessary through the benevolence of God.


Gro Hungan Agwe Minfort Novanyon Idizol

Gro Hungan Agwe Minfort was born March 17, 1979 on Papa Dumbala’s Day.  As he grew in the religion his mother put a drum and a set of sticks in his hands at the age 3.  He was on his way to becoming a Master Drummer.  He drummed professionally as a child and traveled with Spirit Cultural Dance Ensemble as a child drummer. 

Later he ventured deeper into the secrets of the drum in Mariani, Haiti studying under the Master Drummer.   He studied the medicines, pantheon, ritual drumming, rituals, ceremonies and invocation for spiritual possession.  Gro Hungan Agwe Minfort has been drumming for every Sunday Service, party and Ceremony for the Loas at LePeristyle for more than 30 years.

He has put drumming first in his life, and the drum for the Loa comes before any celebration of his birthday.  Gro Hungan Agwé Miňfort Noványón Idizol was initiated in Haiti June, 1997 with a number of one (1) under his mother, Gro Mambo Angélá, and her godfather, Gro Hungan Hilaire Michele. He wore white in service for the 46 days of the initiation.  He is the oldest Gro Hungan in LéPeristylé Haitian Sanctuary, USA. 

Gro Hungan Agwe Minfort is a body builder and heavy weight lifter.  He enjoys sports and body fitness.  Gro Agwe Minfort is a music composer and is known throughout the music industry as “Powa.” Through his interest in music and the body he invokes, through the drum, prayers of blessing for the congregation to have an elevated experience in mind, body and spirit. 

Agwe Minfort attended Sanford Brown School where he studied as a Medical Tech, gaining understanding of medicine and blood. He has also attended Drexel University .


Gro Hungan Fok Nan Pwen Novanyon

Gro Hungan Foknanpwen was raised and educated in African-based traditions and has been an active practitioner of the Voodoo religion since the age of 12.  He was initiated as a Hunsi at the age of 18 in 1995 and in September 2010 was initiated as a Gro Hungan (High Priest) in Mariani, Haiti by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. He has been an active participant in spiritual works under the supervision of Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol for many years and is being trained in the art of divination and the administering and execution of spiritual herbal baths for the elevation of people in various aspects of their lives, such health, wealth, love, finances, family and stability.

Gro Hungan Foknanpwen is married with two children. He has dedicated his life to the upliftment of the Voodoo religion and has helped in dispelling the myths and misconceptions of the Voodoo religion. He is also a member of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International, the certifying board for Priest and Priestesses of African-based religion. He dedicates all his accomplishments and success to the lessons and teachings of God, Christ and the Divine Forces (Loa/Holy Spirit).

In June 2002 he founded The Chosen League, an outdoor summer high school basketball league. The Chosen League has produced over 100 student athletes that were awarded basketball scholarships and 20 athletes that played in the NBA or played professional basketball overseas.

During the NBA Lockout in 2012, Gro Hungan Foknanpwen developed, coordinated and executed "The Battle for I95" at The World Famous Palestra Arena featuring NBA Superstars LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and other notable NBA players such as Kyle Lowry, Tyreeke Evans, Hakim Warrick, Lou Williams, Wayne Ellington, and many others.


Gro Mambo Serene Novanyon

Gro Mambo Serene Noványón (Charisse Ball) d. Dr. and Mrs. Currie L. Ball. A high priestess in the Voodoo religion at Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Serene's greatest mission is her work as a Gro Mambo (High Priestess) in the Voodoo religion at Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary and also the Humofor in Mariani, Haiti which has been in existence for over 500 years. Gro Mambo Serene was initiated as a Hunsi and elevated to receive Ason in Mariani, Haiti from Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón, Idizol in September 2010. She received her spiritual name in Ason - Gro Mambo Serene Noványón. Her studies include spiritual botany, prayers and the conduct of ceremonies and divinations, pantheon of Loa song and dance. Learning rituals and alternative healing for the sick are also part of her training. She is being trained to treat spiritual problems, provide marriage and family counseling. She studied ethnobotany in Haiti under Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón, Idizol from April to May 2013 and continues to study and learn the herbs used for healings.  

She graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has worked as a Regulatory Affairs specialist for Merck & Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Siemens and currently as a specialist for DePuy Synthes, a company of Johnson & Johnson.

Her daughter is also a Gro Mambo and received Ason in Mariani, Haiti from Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón, Idizol in August 2011 and attendsTemple University.  Her son is one of the drummers at Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary.

She is a custodian of the Voodoo religion and is working to help preserve African-based religions. She is also a member of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International, the certifying board for Priest and Priestesses of African-based religion. Gro Mambo Serene lives her life as a Voodooaizan, through work, while at play, while traveling around the world and in all aspects of life and living.  No matter where she goes or what she does she is "Voodoo."


Gro Hungan Batala Novanyon

Gro Hungan Batala was born in Philadelphia and was initiated in 2002, right after he graduated from high school. He was initiated as a Hunsi Kanzo by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol  and Gro Hungan Yatande Noványón Idizol.  

He began studying under Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, the language of Asson, prayers, Shanti (Sung prayers), veve, spiritual baths, and prayers.  After years of study, he has a significant knowledge of herbs and their preservation for their use as medicines for various health and spiritual healings.  

In 2010, he traveled to Mariani, Haiti  with Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol and Gro Hungan Yatande Noványón Idizol, joining Gro Hungan Michele Benya Noványón Idizol to receive his initiation as a Gro Hungan. As part of this “First Class” that traveled to Haiti for initiation in recent years, he helped pave the way for a new wave of initiations into the priesthood.

He Graduated from Temple University in 2006 with a Bachelors of Art degree in digital media.  His years of art training have allowed him to become an expert at drawing veves -  the sacred art of the Voodoo religion.  He has mastered the creation of Shrine Houses. He is also studying hydroponics and using it as a method for growing herbs as a means of preserving the genome and protecting them from becoming extinct.


Gro Mambo Apre Dieu Novanyon

In October 1994, Gro Mambo Apre Dieu was initiated Hunsi under Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. Gro Mambo Apre Dieu became a shrine holder and received shrines for the Holy Loa.  She received Erusile Dantour in 1999, Erusile Freeda and Papa Dumbala in 2001, as well as Papa Ogu in November 2003.

In September 2010, she became Gro Mambo Apre Dieu Noványón and received Asson in Mariani, Haiti from Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón, Idizol. Her Godfather is Gro Hungan Yatande Noványón Idizol and second godfather is Gro Hungan Michel Bernier Noványón Idizol. Gro Mambo Apre Dieu is a priestess in training and is furthering her studies in ethnobotany and spiritual botany of Haiti. The study includes the processing and proper use of the medicine. She continues her studies to specialize in spiritual baths and healings, prayer, divinations, ceremony and rituals, and pantheon of Loa song and dance. She is also member of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International, the certifying board for Priests of African-based religion. As a Voodoo High Priestess, Gro Mambo Apre Dieu serves the people by offering healings of the mind, body, and spirit. She finds this to be the ultimate medicine in the world.

Gro Mambo Apre Dieu is a licensed Pharmacist and an Immunization Pharmacist in the state of Pennsylvania. Her specialized interest of practice are diabetes, women’s health, and asthma. She also was a staff pharmacist for St. Charles Hospital, Valley Professional Pharmacy, Squire Drugs, and Thrift Drug. She served as a pharmacy manager for Drug Counter Pharmacy, Squire Drugs, Thrift Drug, Rite-Aid Pharmacy and Wedo Pharmacy. Gro Mambo Apre Dieu is an entrepreneur and established Wedo Pharmacy in 1997. Her other business ventures include Wedo Wellness Center and Wedo Apothecary. She belongs to the American Pharmacist Association (APhA), American Diabetes Association (ADA), and the American Heart Association (AHA). She served as an ambassador against stroke for AHA, and as a volunteer in the education and prevention of diabetes among African Americans in the ADA.


Gro Mambo Yasezy Novanyon

Gro Mambo Yasezy Noványón Idizol brings a unique perspective on how to live a fulfilling and happier life.  She was formerly known as Mambo Rinmin, trained for over 17 years and served as a practitioner for well over two decades.

In 1994, she was initiated as a Mambo, and began serving the community.   In 1996, she published her thesis. 

In 2004, Gro Mambo Yasezy was the first of Gro Mambo Angélá’s godchildren to have a Humofor erected, known as LePeristyle Sanctuary Humofor, located at 235 West Olney Avenue in Philadelphia.  In 2011, she traveled to Mariani, Haiti, and was initiated to the highest level as High Priestess.  Gro Mambo Yasezy’s services including divination and counseling, a wide range of workshops for personal elevation, spiritual works for finance, love and family, works of healing for physical health, depression and anxiety, house cleanings, baths, initiations, ceremonies, spiritual works, weddings, baby blessings, drum and dance classes, and rites of passage services.

LePeristyle Sanctuary Humofor holds the power of the Noványón Lineage with the shrines and high govi’s housed at the sanctuary.  She had received the shrines  of Erusile Freeda, Papa Dumbala, Papa Aqua, Erusile Dantour, Papa Ogu and Baron, and all govi’s.

Gro Mambo Yasezy has published articles in Wisdom Magazine and has performed spiritual work and readings since 1997. She has made multiple trips to Haiti to study ethnobotany, and is an associate treasurer and member of the National African Religion Congress/ NARC World International.  She actively promotes the Voodoo religion by traveling to various community and spiritual fairs to teach classes on personal elevation through spiritual baths.  She has a daughter who is also a Gro Mambo and a granddaughter who is scheduled to receive her initiation for Asson  in 2017.


Gro Mambo AgoueTa Novanyon Idizol

Angela Lewis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1995.  Born into the Voodoo faith of Haiti, unto parents who are a High Priest and High Priestess in Voodoo, Angela was raised in the spiritual culture and traditions of the Voodoo religion.  Angélá was a home schooled student which allowed her to travel with her mother (Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol), father (Gro Hungan Yatándé Noványón Idizol) and her governess (Hunsi "Auntie" Fontout). She traveled across the United States and internationally to places like Sao Paulo, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and Mariani, Haiti learning, at an early age, various African cultures and traditions, rituals and ceremonies.   Born with psychic abilities and rituals from her mother Gro Mambo Angélá, she understood her destiny in the Voodoo religion. 

In August 2010 Angélá was selected to receive the Asson, which is the process of becoming a High Priestess in the Voodoo religion. She was taken into Mariani, Haiti and initiated as a High Priestess and became Gro Mambo Agöuetá Noványón Idizol in August 2011.

Gro Mambo Agöuetá began to distinguish herself in the Voodoo sanctuary. She has worked with herbs, traditional medicines and traveled on botany trips into the Haitian bush areas to collect, categorize and label numerous leaves and herbal remedies.  Gro Mambo Agöuetá has continued to show an affinity for learning to work with leaves and herbs as she traveled across the United States and to various countries like Brazil, Trinidad and Haiti with her mother and father.

With her artistic ability, Gro Mambo Agoueta is a master in veves, rituals, and ceremonies.


Gro Mambo Patcoue-Sa Novanyon Idizol

Initiated in Mariani, Haiti in August of 2011, under Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, Gro Mambo Patcoue-Sa Noványón Idizol is the youngest to receive Asson in the 500 year lineage of Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary. While some have found their path or calling much later on in their lives, Patcoue-Sa was fortunate to have been born and grounded in the Voodoo Religion. Gro Mambo was more than her godmother and Mambo, but she was indeed her mother. Along with her sister, Gro Mambo Agweta, Gro Mambo Angélá homeschooled them both from birth until they were 11 and took them everywhere she traveled, while simultaneously grooming them in the Voodoo religion. This set the foundation which Patcoue-Sa would soon use for the real world.

Gro Mambo Patcoue-Sa, is currently a senior at Temple University majoring in Strategic Communications, minoring in Digital Media Technology. She had held numerous internships in the communications and technology field, including interning with the National African Religion Congress as a writer and video producer, the Philadelphia Navy Yard’s Science Engineering Apprenticeship Program as an IT Management Asset, Temple’s Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement Program, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation as the communications and development intern, Temple’s Russel Conwell Learning Center as an editorial writer and 900AM WURD as a radio intern. She now holds a position as a senior writer for Hypefresh Magazine, a magazine which explores hip hop and culture and is on the board of directors of Creative Tech Works, a design studio out of North Philadelphia, geared to engage students of all ages who are interested in STEM related fields, producing wearable technology, coding mobile apps, website development, and the communication aspect behind all of the logistics.

As Patcoue-Sa continues to study under the tutelage of Gro Mambo Angélá, she is learning the spiritual herbs and botany, veves, spiritual baths, shantis, ceremonies, readings, divination, spiritual implement/shrine collections and counseling. In addition to her training, Patcoue-Sa will be able to tie in her studies at LePeristyle as well as at Temple University for a greater use.  Through the years Gro Mambo Patcoue-Sa has used  her media relation connections  platform as a means to dispel the myths and misconceptions about the Voodoo Religion.  Through understanding and compassion for people Gro Mambo Patcoue-Sa  plans to reach communities all over the world and create solutions that improve their lives on many levels.


Gro Hungan Acacia Novanyon

Initiated in 1989 in the Voodoo religion as a Hunsi, Gro Hungan Acacia (John McDaniel) took vows to train in the priesthood in 1999. He received the right to hold the shrine of Ogu in 2000.

Gro Hungan Acacia is a member of The National African Religion Congress. He has presented papers on the subjects of faith and maintaining respect for African based religions at the National African Religion Congress/ NARC World International conferences.

Gro Hungan Acacia continues to study Botany, medicines for spiritual healing, divination, prayer and leadership development as a priest under the direction of Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol.  Gro Hungan Acacia is a master in ceremony, shantis, ritual, baby blessings, traditional weddings and much more. 

On August 11th of 2011, he travelled to Haiti for a seven day initiation to received Asson, the highest level of initiation in Haitian Voodoo. Acacia is a professor of design, color theory and master of the veve in ceremony and ritual. His skill in building and planning shrine houses is complemented by his background in dimensional planning as a professor of three-dimensional design. Gro Hungan Acacia is an expert in the preparation of foods and tables for the Ghede ceremonies.


Gro Hungan Balandieux Novanyon

Gro Hungan Balandieux Noványón (Ernest Daniel Dunkley) was born in Brooklyn, New York where, as the eldest child of parents from Jamaica and Trinidad, he was raised in a devout Catholic household.  His Roman Catholic Christian experience ended when he became an altar boy but, three years later, was told that a person, no matter how good, could never enter heaven unless they were Catholic. During the 1950s Gro Hungan Balandieux served in the U.S. Air Force where he specialized in photography, electronics and mechanics.  In 1965 he was ordained as Reverend Ernest Dunkley and, with Bishop N. Marcell, established a Church of God In Christ in Brooklyn, NY.

From 1969 to 1981 Gro Hungan Balandieux pursued his passion for media production as a motion picture and television cameraman and news reporter for NBC, New Jersey Public Television and ABC News in New York.  His spiritual quest continued and received a life-changing assist when he worked as a television producer in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.  Here his exposure to African-based religion led him to seek to serve God in the African tradition.  In 1986, Gro Hungan Balandieux was initiated as a Babalawo of Ifa in Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria and was given the name Oni Omoagbasa. 

In 2006 he returned to the United States where he pursued his passion for organic farming in Atlanta, GA.  It was during this period that his spiritual quest reached a peak as he was initiated as a priest of Ogu in Haitian Voodoo in 2011 as a Gro Hungan under the tutelage of Gro Mambo Angela Noványón Idizol in Mariani, Haiti.  Having now completed his quest for ason, Gro Hungan Balandieux is able to fully utilize his many talents in communications and draw on his diverse religious experience to guide others who seek spiritual elevation in the African tradition.


Gro Hungan Dieuquifa Novanyon

Gro Hungan Dieuxquifa is a High Priest in the Voodoo Religion at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary under Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. Gro Hungan Dieuxquifa has worked many years in catering with his grandmother. Through his grandmother, Gro Hungan Dieuxquifa learned the value of good home cooking and making people happy who received the food prepared for his grandmother’s catering business.  With ease he was able, under Gro Mambo's tutelage, to learn the secrets of the shanti (sung prayers), the Foods of the Loas, the Tables of the Loas, veves, spiritual baths, prayers and more.

Gro Mambo has taught Dieuxquifa how to clean houses spiritually, spiritual botany, divination, spiritual healings, and various types of counseling.  He has also learned the dances of praise and the spiritual drum rhythms. Dieuxquifa was first initiated as a Hunsi (first level initiate) and was later blessed to be initiated on the highest level of priesthood as a Gro Hungan in Mariani, Haiti in August 2011. Dieuxquifa is in training to learn how to be the best priest he can be in servicing the people.

Gro Hungan Dieuxquifa completed his studies at Delaware Valley School of Trades where he learned building renovations. After learning the building trade, Dieuxquifa went into construction and acquired contracts ranging from brick work to roofing and everything in between. His knowledge of construction and renovations has helped Dieuxquifa in becoming a Master Shrine Builder.

Gro Mambo Danthorla Novanyon Idizol

Gro Mambo Dantourla was initiated in New York as a Madre Nganga in 1982.  In 1983 she was initiated in Santeria/Yoruba for Papa Ogu, given the spiritual name of Ogu Ada and was given seven (7) major shrines.   Gro Mambo Dantourla performed readings, offerings, and conducted services and ceremonies.  She has witnessed and assisted with initiations, the sacred  burial rites, giving of elekes, making shrines and has administered spiritual baths and cleanings.

In 1985 Gro Mambo Dantourla joined with Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary to continue her education and knowledge in African-based religions with studies in ethno-botany, spiritual empowerment and holistic healing.  Gro Mambo Dantourla received the highest ceremony of Asson from Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol in Mariani, Haiti in October 2014.

For 34 years Gro Mambo Dantourla assisted in the service to the Loa, working in the forefront for African based religion unification, the accurate representation of the Haitian Voodoo religion and all African-based religions as depicted in the media and general society. She has been interviewed and quoted in various print media.  

She is one of the founding members of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International serving as the Executive Secretary on the Board of Directors since January 1999.   She has traveled in the United States, Haiti, and Nigeria Ile-Ife participating in the certification process of Priests/Priestesses/Babalawos.  She has received numerous awards for her work for education, understanding and unification of African-based religions.

Gro Mambo Dantourla has spoken at public forums on African-based religions, cultural diversity, the doctrines and laws of these religions and their traditions.  She has Participated in public ceremonies, published papers and in the erection of the shrine for Erusile Dantour for the exhibition “Voodoo in America.” She has consulted with heads of spiritual houses in discussing their practices as it applies to the spiritual laws and laws of the land. Gro Mambo Dantourla has 45 years experience as a Legal Assistant/Secretary and Paralegal, assisting attorneys in various practice areas and most recently in international criminal litigation.  She has served as an Expert Witness in legal court proceedings related to African-based religion, i.e. animal sacrifice, animal cruelty, drumming, and public ceremonies.


Gro Mambo Augustine Novanyon

Gro Mambo Augustine Noványón Idizol/Frances C. Hunter M.D. is a High Priestess in the Voodoo Religion at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary, initiated under the tutelage of Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol.  As a medical doctor and a studied spiritual herbal expert, Gro Mambo Augustine is now able to combine her medical training and spiritual herbal/botanical training to thoroughly treat her patients, regardless of what physical, mental or spiritual ailment they struggle with.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gro Mambo Augustine is the oldest of six children and mother of two. She began college when she was 38 and received her Medical Degree in 1984. During medical school, Gro Mambo Augustine was voted by her classmates as the most helpful and hardworking Samaritan in community outreach. Throughout her medical journey, Gro Mambo Augustine has worked as a doctor’s assistant and as a part time commercial model. In addition to being a doctor’s assistant, she also worked as a laboratory assistant, who then later became the supervisor of the laboratory. After showing her due diligence as a profound doctor, Gro Mambo Augustine received a citation from United States government in Washington D.C. as one of the best medical doctors in Pennsylvania.

Aside from her medical recognitions, Gro Mambo Augustine is a loyal supporter and member of the Board of Directors of the National African Religion Congress.


Gro Mambo Danta Novanyon

As a small child Doris always had dreams that came true. As she grew into a young adult the reality of her dreams lead her to understand the beginning of a spiritual path. Doris started to give advice and helping people in need to give guidance with her spiritual sight. After seeking her destiny though spiritual divination, Doris connected with Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary in 2004 and formed a relationship with Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol.

She fulfilled her destiny by obtaining her first initiation, as a Hunsi Kanzo in April 2010, by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. At that time, she was given the name Mimose Clarete.

After serving as a Hunsi Kanzo, she become Gro Mambo Danta' Noványón when she was initiated as a High Priestess in October 2015 in Mariani, Haiti.

She is a member of The National African Religion Congress (NARC). Her studies consist of Spiritual Divinations, the ability to see into the past, present and future. This gift has allowed her to guide those that are seeking a higher elevation in health, love, finance, business and family stability.

Gro Mambo Danta’ works under the tutelage of Gro Mambo Angélá in services and ceremonies as one of the loa attendants responsible for the preparation of the Altars as well as the preparation of Loa foods.

In addition to being a priestess in the Voodoo religion since July 2000, Gro Mambo Danta’ works as a Regional Property Manager within the Real Estate Industry.  In this position, she has brought stability to families and their homes though counseling which included financial stability. She has provided financial guidance to property owners with assets totaling over sixteen million dollars.


Gro Mambo Espere Malouisa Novanyon Idizol, Personal Assistant to Gro Mambo

Gro Mambo’s personal assistant,     Esperé, is considered a "go-to person" or "liaison" for anyone who is seeking elevation and continual growth in the areas of spirituality, business, relationships and in life in general. As the Personal Assistant to Gro Mambo, Espere strives to provide insight to all who need direction in life and hope for all who need motivation. Esperé has an extensive background in Counseling and Urban Studies which helps her in providing care and attentive support to all who come through LePeristyle’s doors. With Espere’s background in Urban Studies, she reaches out into the communities, providing merchants and neighbors with support from LePeristyle as well as planning fundraisers and relief efforts for Haiti, Breast Cancer, Homelessness and Women’s Health Issues/Alternative Medicine.

Esperé also comes from a strong family background of women in ministry who have served communities by way of charity. Esperé has worked nationally and in Mexico and Haiti, with charities, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, substance abuse centers, detention centers and prisons and has a passion to help all who are in need. Esperé is also studying in the path of Gro Mambo and is an expert in Spiritual leaves collected from the raw form of the hills of Haiti. Esperé has extensive training in Spiritual Baths and Alternative healing efforts. 


Gro Mambo Dambasi Novanyon

Gro Mambo Dambasi was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She attended and graduated from the Philadelphia Public School system.  She later went on to attend Philadelphia Community College were she received her Associate Degree.  She then went on to receive her Bachelor degree from Beaver College, Glenside, PA.  She later attended Manor College Accelerated Para Legal Studies Program and was inducted into their Honor Society. 

On December 21, 2008, Gro Mambo Dambasi received her first initiation as a Hunsi. On August 24, 2014, Gro Mambo Dambasi Noványón was initiated as a Gro Mambo in Mariani, Haiti. Gro Mambo Dambasi Noványón has been in service in the Humofor with works as a seamstress. She has played a significant part in implementing the conservation of the Loa's articles and Govi skirts.  She has played a major role in photo and video documentation. She has walked her life as a loyal Hunsi and was available for every task that has been placed upon her. 

Gro Mambo Dambasi has worked in the medical field in a doctor’s office and has helped to aid patients in their needs for improvement of their health.  With her scientific knowledge of conventional medicine, she has a deep understanding of the need for spiritual healings through spiritual baths.  Gro Mambo Dambasi is instrumental in giving those who are in pain and in need of help an alternative way of seeing the value of spiritual baths through the upliftment of their spirit.


Gro Mambo Fradasi Novanyon

Gro Mambo Fradási Noványón Idizol was born in Rome, Italy and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Central High School (class of 250), and Temple University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

 Fradási was first initiated by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary in November 1991. After years of serving LePeristyle at the Hunsi level Gro Mambo Angélá initiated her in Mariani, Haiti as a Gro Mambo (High Priestess) in August of 2014.

Throughout her years at LePeristyle, Fradási has given service as the home-based educator and caretaker for many of the children of the sanctuary. Two of her students are now Gro Mambos themselves and will soon be graduating college. While educating LePeristyle’s youth she has had the opportunity to travel extensively with Gro Mambo Angélá throughout the United States and internationally.

As a High Priestess, Fradási’s studies include preparation of the food and tables for the Loas, the laying of veves, shantis (prayers), conduct of ceremony, preparation and administering of spiritual baths, spiritual botany, and Loa dances. She often assists with many of these areas of priestly work. In addition, her previous classical training in dance (ballet, modern and African) prepared her to be able to learn the Loa dances. She is also active in charity work - working with her brothers and sisters in the priesthood to service the poor and homeless. Fradási has also been trained in weddings, baby blessings and marriage counseling, and performs these services throughout the Tri-State area. 

Fradási is the daughter of Gro Mambo Yasezy Noványón Idizol and, in addition to her studies, assists her mother at their sanctuary, LePeristyle Sanctuary Humofor, in Philadelphia. She also has a 5-year-old daughter who is scheduled to receive her initiation for Asson from Gro Mambo Angélá in Mariani, Haiti in 2017.   


Gro Hungan Danbola Novanyon

It is said that people born on September 13 pursue unusual careers and paths. Gro Hungan Dambolá Noványón Idizol is a prime example of this as he is a proud and publicly known Voodoo Priest as well as manager at one of the most famous nightclubs in Philadelphia. As a priest Gro Hungan Dambolá services the Humofor and plays a major role on the drum in every Sunday Service and every Ceremony.  At his nightclub he is responsible for building financial success and providing a balancing eye for his fellow employees in the midst of hectic situations.

Gro Hungan Dambolá Noványón Idizol comes from a heritage of service, being the son of Gro Hungan Yabofe’ Noványón Idizol/George Ware, one of the original priests at LePeristyle and a noted activist throughout his life on behalf of African Americans and people of all backgrounds. As a very young man, Dambolá was adopted as a son by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol and welcomed into her bloodline. Dambolá was initiated January 2000 as a Hunsi. In October 2014, Dambolá was initiated as a Gro Hungan in Haiti.

Gro Hungan Dambolá Noványón Idizol had a successful planting with clients spreading the word about his service here at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary. He wore white from October 2014 until January 2015 while working as a manager at his club, where it quickly became known that the “Man In White” was the one to come to with all manners of problems and situations. As an expert in promotion and marketing for many years he has brought that insight to LePeristyle working hard on behalf of the mission of the sanctuary to make the healing of the Voodoo religion available to all people.

Dambolá attended Temple University where his studies were concentrated on Journalism, PR, Advertising , Marketing and Creative Writing.


Gro Hungan Batagi Novanyon

Gro Hungan Batagi Noványón was born in Brooklyn, NY to a Haitian mother and  Congolese father. Gro Hungan Batagi graduated from Temple University in the year 1999 with a degree in Pre-Law/ Philosophy. Later that same year, he went to his first Voodoo ceremony at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary. He later got involved in the National African Religion Congress. Gro Hungan Batagi Noványón wrote a series of four papers that were published in the NARC World Annual Directory. These papers were a series of works analyzing the connection of hip hop culture to African Religion. In 2004 Gro Hungan Batagi went to Mariani, Haiti for the first time, under the wing of Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón as a translator for the National African Religion Congress to certify priests and priestesses of the Haitian Voodoo tradition.

Gro Hungan Batagi received his first level of initiation as a Hunsi in 2008. In October 2014, Gro Hungan Batagi Noványón went to Mariani, Haiti under  Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón for his initiation in asson, the highest level of initiation in the Haitian Voodoo Religion, giving him the title of Assogwe/Gro Hungan, High Priest of Haitian Voodoo.

As an Assogwe, Gro Hungan Batagi Noványón services the Humofor through his extensive expertise in spiritual botany. Gro Hungan Batagi is learning the secrets of healing to promote healing in his family and the community. His knowledge in the Voodoo religion has given him a different perspective to help diagnose children  with emotional and mental disorders as a Behavioral Health Worker. He also has worked with children coming from broken homes as a result of parents being in and out of jail, divorce, and drug and alcohol addiction.

Iyalosha Frada Osungbemi Abimbola

Iyalosha Osungbemi Abimbola (Kimberlyn Bannerman) is from Miami, Florida. She was initiated as an Oshun priestess in the Ifa/Yoruba tradition of Nigeria in Gainesville, Florida, in 1994 by her Godfather, Chief Adenibi Ajamu.

She is a full specialist Esthetician, skin care educator and consultant,  and make up artist. She has worked for many high end cosmetic lines, and has also created her own mobile salon, Beauty by Divination/Celebrity V-Steam.

Iyalosha Osungbemi has traveled the country for speaking engagements and events in schools, colleges, private groups, and organizations to educate people about African Cultures and traditions. She has held one of the first black history exhibits for employees of “Lowes” Hotel, in South Beach Miami, Florida. Along with educating others, she has been expanding her knowledge in the Priesthood in various other African Religions and their practices.

Iyalosha Osungbemi has been studying under Gro Mambo Angela Noványón Idizol of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary and Founder and Chairperson of the National African Religion Congress/ NARC WORLD International. She has been expanding her knowledge in the Voodoo, and she has also traveled to different countries with Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, including Haiti. Iya Osungbemi’s specialty is working with women using traditional V-steam sauna cleansing bath by using traditional natural herbs to help with promoting cleansing, detoxing the womb, fibroid tumors, relieving stress, irregular cycles, fertility problems, and using reiki therapy.








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