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Divination, Readings, & Healings

What is Divination?
Divination is the ability to see into the future, the present and the past.  It is the ability to see problems from the past, allowing the force to give a prescription to prevent problems in the future that may come from the past. Prescriptions are received through the divination to give directions for an individual to elevate in their future.  The power of the divination gives knowledge to an individual, which allows them to have strength at times of confusion and trouble times in their life.   

Divination, also known as spiritual reading, provides directions that enable you to attain the optimum love, health, finance and cycles of elevation that God intended for you.  Readings examine your past, present and future; they encompass your spiritual, mental and physical state.  The reading serves both as a diagnosis of your life situation, and will provide a prescription for a positive solution. 

Gro Mambo not only specializes in divination but is also a master teacher of divination to other priests and priestesses and has developed a reputation as one of the most highly regarded priestesses in the world as a result.






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