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Lecture Series

Gro Mambo Angélá  is available for students at your institution of higher learning.  Her lectures and seminars cross many disciplines. The practice of Voodoo is not just a religion but represents a wholistic approach to healing, physical, psychological, social, financial and institutional.  Gro Mambo Angélá  Noványón Idizol  provides a new paradigm derived from practices of ancient Africa to help solve the problems of modern life.  The one thing that makes Voodoo so powerful is the ability to diagnose and solve so many different kinds of problems through its divination system.  Problems of physical health, mental health, family problems, business problems, institutional problems – all of these problems can be addressed and solved by Voodoo.

  • MEDICINE    The healing practices of the Voodoo apply to all kinds disorders.  High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses can be treated by the methods of the Voodoo.  Once the divination is done the Voodoo priest is armed with a blueprint of the illness and a prescription for treatment and a cure.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE  Voodoo heals problems of the family.  Many families find their way back to harmony and success through the practices of the Voodoo, and many who receive treatment are not practitioners but simply clients.  Belief in the Voodoo religion is not a requirement for success in treatment.
  • PSYCHOLOGY  Many disorders in pyschology can be treated by Voodoo.  Schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders, attention deficiency disorders and other types of psychological pathologies all can be diagnosed and treated by alternative healings within the tradition of the Voodoo.  In Voodoo there is no such thing as multiple personality disorders.  There is either a conversation with  more than one spirit on an individual or a spirit that is not happy and bringing a conflict with the spirit that an individual was born with.
  • BUSINESS AFFAIRS  Business affairs are equally treatable by the Voodoo which is a source of information and direction. LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary has a large clientele of business men and women who are not members but are clients who achieve success by consultations regarding their business decisions through Voodoo.
  • RELIGION  Voodoo is mostly regarded as a religion by Western standards.  It is based on a belief in God, Christ and the Holy Loa and it is based on a moral and ethical standard similar to Christianity.

More detailed information on each series is below.


Western medicine is an amazing phenomenon.  It brings the power of modern physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry and engineering to bear on the problems that people have with their health.  The diagnostic ability of medicine is actually impressive.  However, despite all the advances of modern medicine people still suffer from many diseases and still are dying because modern medicine cannot help them.  Thus, many people have turned to alternatives in medicine, seeking avenues of holistic and spiritual traditional herbs.

We live in a society of poly-pharmacy and poly-medicine.  As people look for alternative ways for wellness and healing, they look into African Traditional Spirituality because it is a way of healing the mind, body and spirit through divination, herbal baths, herbal medicines and soaps uplifting the spirit, releasing tension, bringing a sharpness to the senses.  African Traditional Spirituality is an integrated multidisciplinary approach to medicine and disease management through divination.  Divination determines the true cause of the physical illness (that may not be physical) and indicates what the correct treatment should be.  Divination does not always rule out the use of modern medicine and often works well with some medical procedures or treatments.

High blood pressure is a common disorder in our society and is due to several different causes.  A Certified African Traditional Counselor has the knowledge and expertise in alternative traditional herbs to determine if high blood pressure is due to stress and excessive worrying may need a blood cleansing, diet change and herbal baths.  Collecting rain water may be used to rinse the head, restoring peace of mind and sitting by running water.  Also, burning a candle is a way to restore peace in the environment. These holistic methods treat the person with African tradition herbs. 

In conventional medicine, the therapy for high blood pressure will start with a "water pill."  This pill subsequently leads to the treatment of another pill for potassium loss.  Even in this small example one can see how poly-pharmacy and poly-medicine starts – one pill requires another pill and another pill, etc.  The therapy that is provided based on the knowledge of the spiritual force/guardian angels includes methods that not only decrease blood pressure, but also minimize or eradicate the causes.




African Traditional Spirituality addresses interpersonal relationships at all levels. In African Traditional Spirituality, everyone has a relationship with the spiritual force/guardian angel they carry on their head.  Each person has a spiritual force/guardian angel. The attributes of the spiritual force/guardian angel manifest in the personality and character of the individual.  Understanding the attributes of the spiritual force/guardian angel yields an understanding of the individual’s personality and character that enables a person to utilize the spiritual force/guardian angel “territories” such as love, faith, direction and stability.  Any complications or lack of order in the individual’s relationships with other people has its root cause in the relationship between the spiritual force/guardian angels that govern them. 

In today's world, there’s so much dysfunction from one individual to the next and from one family to another, it can only be repaired through the understanding of the true importance of family.  In African Traditional Spirituality, the spiritual force of the ocean governs family.  That spiritual force demands that all members of the family live in love, harmony and unity.  The world began with a family and is the foundation of society, therefore, it is extremely important for each individual to have the knowledge and understanding of the importance of family and what it means, how it impacts your thinking and feelings.  In African Traditional Spirituality belief system is, the various dynamics of family life that impact our development from infancy to adulthood are addressed in the divination in that specific area of responsibility. 

Through divination, the problems that are plaguing the family and its members is addressed through the concentration of the flow of life.  Human beings are full of all sorts of emotions.  Does that mean all of these emotions that people experience are healthy or for that matter necessary?  Often times, they lead to disappointment, poor academic performance, difficult relationship at work, and poor social relationships. The ups and downs of life, are sometimes referred to as "riding the waves of life." Disharmony in group interactions can be corrected only by determining the root cause of the disharmony and putting it in order.  Divination acts as the key to unlocking the cause of disharmonious interpersonal relationships by revealing the spiritual force/guardian angel relationships that are at work and the steps that must be taken to restore order. 

The investigation of interpersonal relationships begins with the divination of the Spiritual force/guardian angels that are carried by the individuals involved.  The relationships between the Spiritual force/guardian angels have been established over the ages.  They are documented in legends that illustrate such relationships and the manner in which harmonious relationships between the Spiritual force/guardian angels are maintained.  In the African Traditional Spirituality, the Certified African Traditional Counselor, through divination, would reveal the character and personality of the family members and the dynamics of the family as a whole. Each person has a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.  Divination is an investigation that reveals the emotions and mentality of each individual road of the spiritual force/guardian angel.  It addresses the attributes that will allow the family members to tolerate and accept one another’s imperfections with ease and foster a focus and direction for elevation and success in life. 

Just as individuals come together to form families, the “roads” of each spiritual force/guardian angel form a family.  As in a human family, the members of the spiritual force/guardian angel family are clearly recognizable as members of the same family because of their common attributes and are distinguishable by the attributes that are as unique as those that might make the members of a physical human “Smith” family identifiable.

A human family could be dealing with an issue within their bloodline within a specific spiritual space or realm.  The better the relationships between the spiritual force/guardian angel is understood, the stronger the relationship between the members of the family.  When a family is in crisis, in the African Traditional Spirituality we recognize that while the members of the family may carry the same spiritual force/guardian angel, they may carry different roads of that spiritual force/guardian angel.  One road might be old, another youthful; one might be serious, another playful.  Respect for the differences in the spiritual force/guardian angel “roads” yields respect for the idiosyncrasies that are sometimes the cause of difficulties within the human family and tolerance for each other.  This respect and tolerance extends beyond the family to the family of nations, where tolerance is needed to avoid the conflicts that lead to war.

In a community, people learn to respect each other by mutual respect for the Spiritual force/guardian angels they each carry. In the group context, one person’s spiritual force/guardian angel might be the same spiritual force/guardian angel another person carries.  All those spiritual force/guardian angels are connecting with other spiritual force/guardian angels carried by others.  The power of the family offers an opportunity to learn the attributes of the spiritual forces/guardian angels.  When a person understands the attributes of the spiritual force/guardian angel that another individual carries, it is possible to appreciate the other individual’s character and establish a harmonious relationship.

All of the spiritual force/guardian angels of all of the people in the community are connected.  The respect needed to live harmoniously in a community is therefore a manifestation of the level of respect that exists for the spiritual force/guardian angels carried by the members of the community.  The African Traditional Spirituality perspective is a road to the individual respect, harmony and peace we all seek. 




In African Traditional Spirituality the belief is that each and every person is born with a spiritual force or guardian angel on their head.  These forces will be the dominating power of speech that speaks silently within their head.  The rule in the African Traditional Spirituality, “The head will always tell the body what to do.” The systems of the African Traditional Spirituality can unlock hidden strengths for the mental stability of people.  Although people may not be practitioners or believers of African Traditional Spirituality, the Certified African Traditional Counselor can still see through divination what spiritual force is governing an individual.  Non-believers also live their lives within the systems of the African Traditional Spirituality without knowing they are living in the realm of the African Traditional Spirituality.  These systems are hot, cool and ancestral that carry the attributes of the spiritual force. Through the spiritual forces/guardian angels and the systems, people can find answers as to who they are, what they are and what they should be doing.  Knowledge of the spiritual force will help an individual understand who they are and what they are, bringing clarity for improvements and accomplishments in their spirit for a strong mental stability. In African Traditional Spirituality it is stated that, “You cannot even begin to know and understand who you are and what your strengths are until you know the spiritual force/guardian angel that you were born with." 

Many believe that the attributes of the forces are identified with negatives and positives. However the attributes of the spiritual force/guardian angel are not negative or positive. They are negative or positive according to how an individual allows them to manifest in any situation during his or her life.

The head is very important in African Traditional Spirituality.  The goal is to have a sound, healthy and powerful mind elevating a person through the systems of the African Traditional Spirituality by accessing knowledge from their birth.  Every mind is talking to the African Traditional Spirituality where many may think that they are talking to themselves or functioning off a gut feeling.

In this society, the field of psychology has uncovered many mental illnesses/sicknesses and the research of these illnesses has caused many to take prescription medications and other types of drugs to help bring them under control. Many disorders in psychology can be treated by Certified African Traditional Counselors.  Schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders, attention deficit disorders and other types of psychological pathologies all can be diagnosed and treated by alternative healings within African Traditional Spirituality.   In African Traditional Spirituality there is no such thing as multiple personality disorders.  There is either a conversation with more than one spiritual force/guardian angel on an individual or a spiritual force that is not happy and brings a conflict with the spiritual force that an individual was born with.

Sicknesses where a person is diagnosed with having multiple personalities are the most classic cases from the eye of a Certified African Traditional Counselor.  Whereas society sees Bipolar Disorder, the Certified African Traditional Counselor sees multiple spiritual forces/guardian angels that are out of control.

Case History:

A person can be diagnosed with having two or more personalities in society.  However the divinations of a Certified African Traditional Counselor will reveal information concerning each character or personality. A look within the divinations reveals that there is more than one spirit.  Society may see an angry individual and a calm more peaceful individual.

It is clear that there are two spiritual possessions with one being angry and the other calm.  Through the divination we find out what the violent spirit is angry about so that an appeasement for the angry spirit can be performed to release the spirit from the individual’s life. 

Some of these sicknesses may be based on true personality disorders that may require treatment with drugs. However, medication in cases where there are spiritual possessions trapped within the mind of a person is harmful. Medication given to trapped spirits will only suppress the spirit in a continual possession, leaving fewer chances for corrections.

In some cases these spiritual forces/guardian angels are trapped within a spiritual possession where the individuals may be seen living out an attribute of the spiritual forces/guardian angels over and over.

Divination offers identification and correction to release spiritual possessions from people who are considered by the standards of Western modern medicine, mentally ill.  Divination, reveals the source and root of the problem and, with the correction from the spiritual force/guardian angel, the individual begins the journey to regain the sanctity of the mind free, of prescription medication and other types of drugs.  The individual begins to experience elevations in life with a new outlook and a new beginning in living life.




Business is among the most risky of all human endeavors.  Most businesses fail.  Business requires investment of capital expended over an extended period of time. Business success depends upon knowledge of the past, understanding of the present and vision of the future. Divination is greatly needed for an individual to make a clear decision before they begin a business.  Divination will let the person know if the idea that they have to make money will come to fruition.  The Certified Traditional Spiritual Counselor must see if the roads to be traveled are open.  The timing of the business effort must be coordinated with divination from a Traditional African spiritual system in order to gain the best results.  Questions should be asked of the Certified Traditional Spiritual Counselor to see if the business venture is hot and quick-moving (with a rapid growth), warm (for a slow start), cool (which will not give a good start) or worse ... cold (leading to complete failure).  The divination in African Traditional Spirituality is ideal for guiding business activities. 

The world of business and finance is governed by spiritual powers.  The influence of this power covers income producing business activities, wealth building, commerce and any endeavor connected with income generating activities.  In these difficult economic times, where people are struggling to maintain their current employment, losing money in investment and losing their retirement funds, African Traditional Spirituality, through divination, will examine the specific problem. Divination will tell the individual how to cope with these difficult financial times.  The times we live in are a source of great concern, creating feelings of insecurity and uncertainty.  The individual, through divination, will be provided with a truly holistic context for dealing with past, present and future events in pursuit of financial success and stability.

African Traditional Spirituality, through divination, will give you or your company a full diagnostic financial forecast.  You will know the business trends and be on the cutting edge of the economy.  You will be able to consistently make sound business decisions.  Divination will become your blueprint, pointing you in a direction where your work efforts will produce the best results. The divination will map out how many days, weeks or months you will need to complete each stage of the business.  You will be able to see clearly the openings for your financial profits, prosperity and stability.  Divination will look into all decisions, allowing you to make the best determination about partnerships, marketing, clientele and all related areas.  Existing business owners will receive information for organizational revamping and restructuring. 

Those persons who are employees will know clearly the stability of their employer's business.  They will then be able to easily determine if they should change jobs or careers or even pursue another way in which to make a living.




Therapy can be made available to our society when needed for any area of concerns. Therapy is the driving force of a brave new area of care for every area of an individual. People have become easily acceptable to the suggestion of therapy.  Coping with day to day activities sometimes bring on emotions that may not always be controlled.  Much of the time these uncontrolled emotions come by way of depression and violent outbursts of anger both verbally and physically. There are many families where mental and emotional depression are present.  When looking into the bloodline of someone who may have depression, it could be found in their mother or father,or even their grandparents.  When you look into the bloodline the family members would say, "I could remember my grandmother was always depressed.  My great, great grandfather was depressed too."  Depression can effect an entire family.  Social agencies evaluate these disorders as individual emotional disorders. However, they are not aware of evaluating it as hereditary. It is with spiritual divination as the tool which can identify a specific disorder in an individual’s bloodline. 

As people live their lives, things happen that alter their perception of what they believe they should have, want, deserve and what their dreams are in life.  With the belief that every human being has the ability to choose, choices are often a driving force towards depression, especially when the expectation of the choice has failed.  However, the Certified African Traditional Counselor teaches that each choice that one makes will bring a cycle of 3.  If the choice was a good one then the results will be followed by 3 good experiences moving closer to the destiny or goal of the individual.  If the choice was a bad one, then 3 bad experiences will lead the individual further from the destiny or goal. However, each cycle of 3 can trigger another cycle of 3 where the individual will believe there is not a way out or they simply are finished with life, or are no longer willing to try for improvement.

The Certified African Traditional Counselor does not believe that all depression is hereditary.  However, divination systems of investigation seek a spiritual prescription and an answer as to why the individual is suffering from depression and violence.  Using the divination system, the Certified African Traditional Counselor takes a deep look into the family line to establish what is connecting each generation to the next in such a way that they would suffer from the same illness, such as mental illness/depression or low self esteem, etc.

Once the divination reveals the connection between a person and a specific disorder, the Certified African Traditional Counselor will now begin to utilize natural spiritual forces, of a specific tradition –which are several- to begin a healing process. The spiritual prescription will target behavioral, cognitive and emotional change.

Case History

An individual came to LePeristyle seeking spiritual help for her inability to find a cure for chronic depression and anger. She had become overwhelmed by the problems in their life.  Her child had become rebellious and would create various problems in their lives.  Her partner was unable to help.   It left the client alone to cope with a variety of problems. The person felt as though her life was over because she had lost all love in every area that was important to her.  This was the surface  reason. But, the divination revealed the true root to her problems. The client was suffering from hereditary depression with ancestral disorders. 

It is important for the Certified African Traditional Counselor to find and connect with the spiritual power that an individual was born with. Once that power is identified, the divination is on its way to reveal the true nature of the problems that a person is suffering with.  Divination revealed that the client was a child of the force of true love. Individuals who have this force must have love to live.  Divination  revealed that the client was caught in a variety of spiritual problems.  Divination went on revealed that the person had ancestral problems leading back for many generations and that the spirits of her ancestors had a tremendous hold on her life. They were in her life to take control of all matters of the heart in personal relationship, i.e. friends, children, family and lovers. Divinations then revealed that the center of her heart was her daughter and it was the daughter that was causing her to have thoughts of suicide.

Divination in the traditional sense will target blood lineage and spiritual situations in an individual’s blood line. The client needed a series of medicinal baths with special herbs for her head, detoxing the brain and her pulmonary system (her Blood), While at the same time building a connection with higher spiritual forces. Her family bloodline was serviced in a way which put order and peace in her personal life. The client was left with a sense of empowerment and newness.

The client also received information about her ancestors for knowledge things within her family’s past that she needed to deal with in the present.  These are not situations or people with her present life, that she had to deal with but how past ancestral issues are effecting her life and decision making and how she needed to bring them to the surface and confront them.

This gave the client tools on how to gain control over her life and matters of her heart, especially when things in her life take an unexpected turn.  Once connected with her spiritual force/guardian angel she gained new strength, self-awareness, as well as, self-empowerment dealing with her emotional problems in the realm of love through harmony with the spiritual force/guardian angel.  She claimed that this feeling was self-evident. 

After a series of treatments and consultation, the client developed a good relationship with their child, established a new romantic relationship and made plans to remarry. The client currently suffers no indication of depression and started to take charge of their life.  They have established a new foundation for living and is free of both depression and prescription drugs.

Divination helps the provider improve the mental state of an individual.  It is the road map for the answer.  Divination takes a deep look into the way a person was born, what they were born into and the environment that they have lived.  Divination brings a different outlook to the individual showing them how they can utilize the energies that they were born within.  The spiritual force/guardian angel are all the tools of launching a new way of seeing life for any individual who is thinking inside a box and is looking for a way out… out of the depression.




Divination is a powerful tool performed by an experienced and knowledgeable Mambo and Hungan who has the authority and certification to ask the Loa (the spiritual guides) for guidance in helping the person prosper. Through the divination the Mambo/Hungan will access the database of the Loa looking deeply into the Voodoo systems, Loa territories and the ruling Loa of an individual's head. 

Divination is the ability to see problems and elevations that are in the future addressing the root of a situation, good or bad.  It does so in depth on many different levels to help bring a correctness or elevation to a situation.  Unlike readings from different systems of belief, a divination from the Voodoo religion answers, the who, what and why of the questions a person may have.  On a day-to- day basis people take chances on many different levels in the hope that their faith will help the situation be in their favor.  Voodoo divination will limit the chance and give an accurate and sure answer to the question whether they should take the chance.   Alternatively, divination can limit the disappointment in their lives that results when a situation does not fall in their favor.  Divining into the past allows the Mambo/Hungan to see what is causing individual problems in the present and to elevate in the future.  Divination of the past brings answers to questions that people may have in reference to business, love, family and other issues.  Addressing these issues helps avoid problems in the future and allows the person to elevate to prosperity.

In the Voodoo religion divination is the avenue to be able to obtain a prescription.  It is the psychic analysis of physical problems.  It psychically evaluates the mind, body and spirit and from its evaluation, spiritual prescriptions are received - prescriptions for alternative healings of the mind, body and spirit.

The Voodoo religion gives a person the chance to change for the better so that, no matter how bad a situation is, the divination will provide an answer to the person so there can be a chance for change in a positive matter.  The Loas are servants of God and they want all the children of God to do well.  Divination provides guidance that helps a person to be successful in life.



Anger Management 

LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary is unique in that it offers traditional clinical anger management and an alternative approach through traditional holistic spirituality.  Both approaches address the problem of anger management from a foundation that treats the client with dignity and respect for the fact that he/she  is a human being with both physical and spiritual needs. 

LePeristyle’s staff is certified in both the Manslow and the Mandt systems of behavioral clinical therapy.   LePeristyle’s staff, which is expert in both the Manslow and the Mandt systems, maintains their certifications though continuing professional education.  The entire LePeristyle staff involved in the rendering of traditional holistic spiritual therapies is required to participate in quarterly reviews.  This means that any institution that refers clients to LePeristyle for treatment will receive annual updates on the client’s progress. 

Corrective directional behaviors are taught that build on this foundation of respect and dignity by helping the client to recognize these attributes when they are applied to him and others.  We proceed on the premise that it is not wrong to be angry but, instead, that the client’s problem is not being able to understand what makes him angry and to know how to resolve conflict issues.  The goal is to help the client to develop an effective set of personal conflict resolution skills which enables him to recognize when a conflict is about to arise, analyze what each person involved needs to do to address the situation and respond in a healthy manner, decide what action to take, and to review the situation and the behaviors adopted.

For example, in circumstances involving a difference of opinion, the client is shown that it is not necessary to become angry, lose control and create a ‘lose – lose’ situation.  Instead, the client is taught that, through behavior planning and cognitive planning, a ‘win – win’ solution can be found.  Here ‘win – win’ does not mean that everybody gets the same solution because what is meaningful and healthy for one person may not benefit another person at all.  A ‘win – win’ solution is achieved when both parties come to the conclusion that there is a resolution that can make both parties peaceful and happy, even if neither party is getting one hundred percent of what he desires.  This approach empowers the client to act in a manner consistent with the outcome he desires for himself and for the other person, realizing that he is not losing by exercising humanity and understanding. This requires the making of a conscious decision on appropriate action before any action is taken.   As the action is reviewed, the client learns to adopt this approach to conflict resolution on a consistent basis and to become a person who looks for resolutions within himself and from others in order to achieve outcomes that are satisfying to all parties involved. 

One critical aspect of this approach to anger management is recognition of the importance of paralanguage behavior in which nonverbal behaviors drive the client toward conflict. This is a key component of conflict resolution and anger management because it shows the client how he needs to be in control of the actions and unconscious gestures that sends signals to others that he is ignoring them, dislikes them, disrespects them or simply does not care. This allows the person who has an anger management problem to recognize paralanguage behaviors and avoid them.

In the traditional holistic spiritual aspects of LePeristyle’s anger management therapy, spiritual counselors utilize their expertise in divination to find an individual’s true spirit.  Once they find the spirit and character of the individual they will show the person how anger causes them to stray away from dignity and respect for themselves.  The need for things such as peace, love, money, children and employment can cause an individual who is not experiencing those things to become angry and, as a result, get into conflict with others.  It is the role of the traditional counselor to identify the spiritual issues that are not being addressed and prescribe a strategy that brings an awareness to the individual and helps him to develop a correction for the safety of his or her own life and the lives of those around him. 

Often when people become uncontrollably angry we believe that there is a root to the anger … a root that the person is not aware of.  The traditional spirituality will teach the individual what their true spirit, is from the time that they were born.  Teaching the person what their spirit is will allow the person to fully develop and find a understanding of themselves.  They will learn the attributes of their spirit and learn how losing control of their spiritual attributes will only allow the attributes to bring negativity to them and any situation in which they are involved.  They will learn how to bring a higher respect to themselves as well as those who they come in contact with.  The counselor that guides the client will show him how the spirit within him cannot elevate or allow him to truly know who he is because he is allowing anger to blind his eyes to life.

For example:  Some people are born with the spirit of needing peace in their life.  They simply cannot exist without peace.  Traditional spirituality teaches that the head rules the body.  Whatever the head thinks is what the body will do.  Much of the time such people are at a high risk for anger that leads to violence, causing them to bring harm to those they are in contact with and to themselves. What they do not understand and fully appreciate is that they create the environment for a lack of peace by the way that they think. Their over-thinking and incorrect thinking creates the lack of peace which fuels their anger.

For example:  There are things that are not verbalized that promote conflict and allow a person’s anger to be uncontrolled.  It is as if a person asks, “What do you think about the new lady who works here?” and the person look-up at the sky or hunches his shoulders, exhales loudly, and exclaims “Oh, boy!”  Without having said a word, the message is given that there is something wrong with that person or that person is weird or strange.  The message “Oh yeah, she is nice” could just as easily be communicated, depending upon facial expressions, body language, gestures, eye contact, or simply being evasive. This is a key component to conflict resolution and anger management because it shows the need to be in control of ones actions and hidden gestures that send signals to others that you are either ignoring them, dislike them, disrespect them or that you just do not care.  This enables the person with an anger management problem to recognize these things in themselves and correct them.  




If you are interested in bringing Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol to your institution for a lecture/seminar, please contact:

LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary – 215.276.3633
Espere, Personal Assistant – 267.575.0380
Gro Hungan Yatándé Noványón Idizol – 215.869.5322
Email: LePeristyleHS@gmail.com







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