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Loa Possession

Gro Mambo in possession of Erusile FreedaLe Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary holds a Voodoo service/ceremony each Sunday, where in the course of the singing of the pantheon the Loas often visit the Humofor. The Loas come through the medium of spiritual possession to serve the congregation and the whole of humanity. They heal the sick, assuage the human spirit, aid the poor, feed the hungry, and otherwise bring comfort, joy, and solace.

It is through the medium of spiritual possession that it is possible to bring divine messages, perform many spiritual works of healing, and make direct contact with the forces of nature that guide us.

The Loas are God's messengers and workers. Unlike spirits, they are forces; some would say that they are the Seven African Powers of the World. In the Christian faith, they would be the Saints; in the Yoruba, they would be the Orisa; in the Voodoo religion, we call them Loas. And like the Saints or Orisa, they have jobs and duties to take care of and work with the forces of the world.

Each Loa has a territory that they govern; several examples are below:

Loa Territory
Papa Legba Crossroads
Macoufour Spiritual Highways and Byways
Papa Loko The Father of the Loas
Papa Dumbala The Rain
Erusile Freeda The River
Erusile Dantour The Ocean
Papa Agwe The Wind
Papa Ogu Fires Above the Earth; Metals
Mali Louise Medicines
Couzin Zaka Agriculture
Baron The Cemetery

Pictures and Videos of the Loas in possession can be found in the Gallery.






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