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Divine Messages of the Loas

Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary holds a Voodoo service/ceremony each Sunday, where in the course of the singing of the pantheon the Loas often visit the Humofor. The Loas come through the medium of spiritual possession to serve the congregation and the whole of humanity. They heal the sick, assuage the human spirit, aid the poor, feed the hungry, and otherwise bring comfort, joy, and solace. But most importantly, the Loas bring messages: messages for individuals, messages for the congregation, messages for America and for the world at large.

Among those messages is a special divination for the coming year, which the Loa Baron Criminel brings every year during Ghede Season. This reading for the New Year gives those fortunate enough to hear it a warning of obstacles to come, a prescription for avoiding those obstacles, and an overall better outlook on how to deal with everyday life by staying in touch with the forces that guide us and, in doing so, helping us grow spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and in every other aspect of life.

Below are five such messages: Baron Criminel's Reading for the New Year 2007, Mali Louise's "The Butterfly," Erusile Freeda's "A Message of Care," Papa Ogu's "Hold Fast and Stand Clear," and Baron Criminel's "Barrenness."

Reading for the New Year 2007 | The Butterfly | A Message of Care | Hold Fast and Stand Clear | Barrenness

Reading for the New Year 2007

from Baron Criminel

The year coming is Ogu. Understand? Again they will call it Obatala, Dantour, whoever. But the year coming is Ogu. There will be a lot that will come. A big chance of work. A big chance of failure. A big chance of war. A big chancae of peace. A big chance of healings. A big chance of death. What you see will be a great chance. Then you walk on the big chance of Ogu.

There will be war. No more than the war you see now. And new wars will come, from neighborhood to neighborhood. Understand me. Wars between sisters and brothers, mother to father. Exemption from war is how you walk with the loa on your head. Understand? In the year coming, the loa on your head is of the greatest importance for the year coming. New laws will come that will affect you in your money, your work, your projects, everything. The loa on your head, everyone must walk the way the loa requests of you. Ogu is the interpreter for all the loa. Ogu's year, then the interpretation for every loa of every head will come to you. If you walk in conflict with the loa on your head the representation of Ogu in the world for you, you won't see. Every loa will call on Ogu to cut your path. In the year coming will be good for Legba. Roads will open. Avenues to travel will open. It is a good year, but it is a hard year. Understand me? Ogu will talk to the loa, what do you want me to do? That's why I am telling you to be intact with the loa on your head. Ogu will talk to the loa "what do you wish for me to do?" The loa will say what they wish. If you are intact with your loa, the loa will say "Ogu, open the road for my child. Ogu, my child needs money in his work. Ogu expand the business of my child." If you are not intact with your loa, the loa can't tell when Ogu asks what do you wish for me to do. Do you understand me? That is important.

Understand this. Destiny will fly in September this year. What you are destined to do September will come. Understand. From January to August you must walk what you know to walk. In September destiny will fall. If you walk good September will fall and destiny will be good. You walk bad September destiny will fall bad. Mali Louise says you kill your destiny. Understand me.

There will be three airplanes (crash). Understand me. I told you that new terrorists will come from African Americans and you saw that. But that was not what I was talking about. The level of what I am talking about is still there and exists in the year coming. Understand me?

In this year coming, people will seek hope. They will say its spiritual, spirituality, religion, but that is not what it is. It is hope. They won't understand it's hope they are seeking. Why hope? Mali Louise says because destiny falls in September. April the children of Erusile Freeda will cry and be in depression. I don't have time for crying. The transition from Rada to Petro, the power will be very strong, that is why the children of Freeda will be crying. It won't from your business. It won't be from your work, or friends or no friends. It will be because the power of Ogu will come. What you are going to do in April is prepare, prepare to attack you dream, your wish in May. June will come. Let June catch you working up, not depressed in recuperation of some tears. I am speaking English so you can understand me. Understand. Don't let it catch you recuperating. So you know what you are going to do in April, right? You're going to be crying. So I am saying to you now, April, don't come into the humofor crying about your sister, the children, your mother, your father, you don't even know where he is. The power can trick you if you allow it. If you aren't careful in May and June you will be recuperating from some tears from April, and I am telling you don't do that. June will come quick and go quick. What you have you place it in June. Undertand? It is a good year. Tough year. Ogu is not a sissy. Understand?

You will see Erusile Dantour rise in June, but it is different. Erusile Dantour should rise in May. She will not rise in May. She will rise in June. Whatever you wish to do with your family, your home, business of the home, June. Understand?

You will see your politicians fighting. You will see your greatest fight in California. Understand me? It is good what I am telling you. Understand me. The energies of the year coming can be frantic. It is Ogu. Keep your head cool. If the frantic comes to you it will come to you through the people. Be cool. Don't hit them in the head with the gate!

The ghede coming will be good. Understand. Some spirits will cause problems. In July they will cause a little confusion. In July light a candle, purple, for ghede because the ghede will cause confusion in your business thinking they are helping you. It is not intentional. It's my ghede and I am not going to talk bad about my ghede. Understand. But if I wasn't Baron I would tell you the truth. (laughter).

The Bath. Ogu's bath this year coming. Don't miss that. Understand. Ogu will bring the Mejestic bath, but it will be changed because it is his year. You need to take the Petro bath this year at the house (Estate Erusile Freeda). You need that at the Petro fire. Understand. Because Ogu will bring fire. All that I am telling you is good. Don't listen to the bad of this year. It's only the frantic of the people who don't understand the power of Ogu. Understand, don't cry in April.

I must tell you this. Do not be angry with me. In the year coming a new virus will come. It will come in water. I must go into state and I will tell you more. But what I see now is, what is it called, where there is a lot of water, where the people work with water, they will have an accident there and they will cover it up. The people will get sick and they will say they're not sure where it comes from, but they will know it came from the water and they covered it up. I told you a new disease was coming and then AIDS came. I told you it would start in Africa. Now I am telling you about water. A spill is in the water. The spill will still be in the water. I can point for you when it gets hot. Mali Louise is not saying to me the month. Understand, again you need to give Mambo a space, understand. Mambo went to the Pocono house but did not light the petro fire because it rained too much. Mambo said to Osunbemi, "I wish I had been able to light the petro but it was raining too much." What Mambo did was fill bottles with water and brought it back. Understand. But Mambo still did not connect it [the problem with water], understand? So she filled bottles with water and brought it back to the humofor. It shall pass and return to normal, but it will be a crisis. You will be able to sustain after many have gotten sick. Understand they will say it is from terrorists.

Understand, truly families, truly relationships between men and women will elevate. Truly I am telling you their true struggles to win those relationships will elevate. Understand true when I say it. If a person has true for their family and true from one to another, those relationships will elevate. Understand. Their problems, their arguments will rise up, but the family will be in peace. I am not saying if you need to light a candle to keep a man, light a candle to keep a woman, I am not talking about that. I am talking about truly. Friends too. Wherever you see Ogu, Dumbala is there. If you need to light a candle to keep a woman or a man, family, whatever, the coming year it will fall. Understand?

It will be a good year, Ogu. What will NARC do? Money will come and NARC will knock the mess out of Africa. We are getting to the root of the problem with Africa. Once you solve the root, it will bloom. Understand?

Your business can elevate good. The chance is there. Or chance for no good. Money is the greatest chance for it to be good or bad. Understand it all and you can have a good year. Every year has good and bad, positives and negatives. Every year has that. Do not pay attention to the negatives. The negative is simply the frantic. I am telling you to ignore it. I am saying be cool and keep working. Ogu's year for you. Red.

November 20, 2006


The Butterfly

from Mali Louise

Mali Louise said that day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, men and women are asking in prayer for a roof to go over their heads, a home, food to feed their bodies, and money. They have it all! The men and women see what they have, and still they don't see what they have. They have money, and they say they don't have money. The say that because it's more money that they want.

The butterfly flies. Men and women take a net with a pole and chase the butterlly. They see it there, and they chase it there. The see it here and they chase it here. Watch out! They may catch you.

They'll hit you, sisters; you, brothers; and you, friends. They'll swat you, sisters, and you, brothers. They'll swat you hard, so hard you'll holler "ouch," trying to catch the butterfly. They won't see you; they'll stumble on you and hit you. It may be a friend, a sister, or a brother. They'll stumble on you to chase a butterfly.

That butterfly that they are chasing is something in their life that they want. It may be a car, a toy, money, millions and millions of dollars, or the world! They may know the butterfly is for them, and they may know the butterfly is not for them. Yet, still they will chase the butterfly that they know is not for them. And, that butterfly that they chase and know is not for them is a DREAM.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, they're chasing a dream -- a dream that's not there. Then the butterfly that's not there you'll understand that it is air. And then they'll chase air and swat air that they know is not there. They become lost.

Be careful for what you ask for. It may be a butterfly, a butterfly that's not there; it's not there, you're chasing a dream, chasing a dream, a dream not there, you're chasing air, and you can't see air. You'll be chasing and chasing and swatting and swatting! And when you look up... you'll be by yourself. For the friends, sisters, and brothers that you had in real life, you have stepped on and swatted them on your way chasing a butterfly.

August 9, 1987


A Message of Care

from Erusile Freeda

Each and every individual has care in them, but sometimes people don't know how to use it. Men, women, and children must learn how to care about their brothers and sisters just like they care about themselves.

People walk around their homes, jobs, as well as their churches, inattentive and inconsiderate. People should utilize the power of speech, but to know whatever they speak from their lips can come as pain, hurt, love, melancholy, or happiness.

Conduct is also very, very important. The Loas will refer to an individual's conduct as that person's walk. The walk must harmonize with the speech. The power or ability to use care in conduct will bring understanding always and not confusion to any individual.

Confusion will lead to bad communication, haste, animosity, and eventually violence. To bring forth care in our lives, in both conduct and speech, can result in pease or war with thy neighbor or in hatred or in love with thy brother or sister.

Sometimes people don't understand that carelessness in either conduct or speech can result in hatred from the person or people receiving it. It is the individual that uses the power of speech o walk in that manner that provokes it. Then, it is just like you are hating.

People who say they are of God are not to provoke hatred unto themselves. That hatred is a sin upon your soul put there by you not caring. As for the person forced to hate through you being careless, that too is a sin upon that person's soul. Whatever the reason that caused that person to hate, hatred is still a sin. In the long run, all parties will have to extract this agitation from their hearts.

The person forced to hate through another individual who has displayed carelessness will have the hardest job of getting rid of this hate. Tht person will burn in the heart, and that burning in the heart, to that person, will be pain.

All parties would have to pray, not only for forgiveness of this sin, but also for God to extract these emotions from their hearts.

Erusile Freeda says praying for this is one thing, but again, the prayer and the walk must harmonize. Pray your prayers and feel that burning sensation in your heart. Use it as if you had to burn a clearing in a brush. Eventually, the clearing will come which will make the inner emotions light and easy.

Decisions in our lives are made day to day. Erusile Freeda says, "let decisitino making be an act to make up your minds to tower over wrong doings, and not an act of passing judgment over your sisters and brothers." When confronted with situations with our families, be it biological or spiritual, take a moment to think or even reason with yourself before opening your mouth to speak. Make that decision in love, for even a decision of "no," which the receiver will not take so pleasingly, can be accepted.

Using care in speech can be as hard or as easy as you make it. One way is to think about what you say to others before you say it. In doing this, you would have to be cautious, courteous, and cordial. Erusile Freeda said, "Speak to people like you would like them to speak to you." The use of speech should never be abused by lies nor should it be abused when a person deliberately lies to you. Care about it. Allow any conversation, only if it is the truth. In speech, no matter how harsh the situation may be, you must care.

In everything -- from our bodies to anyone else's body, from things that are tangible and intangible -- you must care about it.

February 21, 1985


Hold Fast and Stand Clear

from Papa Ogu

Papa Ogu spoke to a guest who had come to the sanctuary. "You are tired, and your shoulders are burdened from those who say they are your friends, but put extra burdens on your shoulders. They say they are friends, but is that what they are? That, they are not. They say, 'I am your friend.' But friends they are not.

"There," Papa Ogu drew an invisible circle and pointed inside the circle, "is a friend. Outside the circle, you are more or less. When you step there [outside the circle], now you are not a friend. There is your brother, or sister. When you step there, a brother or sister you're not. You have finished.

"They extend the hand, and before they turn the hand loose they step into the space of which they are not.True friends will shake your hand and extend it, and work there [in that space] and not walk astray anywhere. There is where they stand fast. That is the problem of many. They want to be a sister, but they wish to be more than a sister. They want to be a brother, but they wish to be more. More is not needed.

"Only that which you stand is only what's needed -- no more, no less, because the stand is clear as water. God walks clear as water; Loa, Jesus, as clear as water. The way you stand, you must stand clear as water. Clear as a brother, clear as a sister, clear as a friend, no more, no less.

"More is clouded, less is less clear. Where you stand only is clear. Then instead of asking for one dollar, they ask for one million dollars because you say you're more than a brother, you're more than a sister, you're more than a friend. No more, no less. Men and women need to sit down and think within their heads and hearts, which way am I gonna walk? What am I gonna do? Which way shill I be for you? Whichever you decide, you should stand fast and clear... understand?

More is a burden. Less is a burden. Burdens kill; it kills the mind, it kills the heart. That man or woman dies. You will say, 'Don't die, I am a friend.' Yet, you're still stepping past a friend. When the man or woman goes, and you don't see them anywhere, you say, 'At least I was a friend. At least I was a friend.' You don't know anything.

"That man or woman that died, and you were part of the reason they are dead. They can't say you were more than a friend. You were less than a sister, more than a brother, less than a mama, more than a papa. You stepped all around me. Whatever you say you do, hold fast and clear.

"The walk must be clear. The talk must be clear. You have no right to be more or less. The only right you have is to be what you say you are. No more, no less. You have no right! You say you are children of God? You should hold fast and clear.

"Time to time, the clearness becomes cloudy. So cloudy, you can't see where you say you're going -- not to be more or less. You can't see where you're going. Then that man or woman that you say you are a friend to sees you as cloudy. Then they can become more or less. If you thirst, and you say, 'my sister,' if you please, 'my brother, I thirst. Bring me water.' You bring enough water -- holding fast and clear -- more drowns; less, the thirst is not quenched. Or you may say, 'I need to be warm. Bring me fire to make me warm.' More burns, less, it burns too! No more, no less.

"Time to time, men and women try to become more, in all good sincerity. In trying to become more they make big mistakes. Stumbling! Falling! They are making it worse instead of better because they are trying too hard. Understand that! No more or no less. But whatever it is, you stand fast and clear and be the best of what you are.

"This message I give to you especially to those who choose to train as mambo, hungan, and hunsi kanzo. I saw Erusile Dantour was coming today to give the message. I came instead. You should become the best at what you say you are -- no more, no less. You must stand clear and hold fast to what you say you are; clear for what you see; clear for what you hear; clear for what you say because more brings damage, and less brings damage. That's why you stand where you stand.

"You don't know your own stand. You don't know which way to go. You become confused. Then you say, 'I'm not going to work,' to the extent of becoming -- almost giving up. That is why no one said this will be easy. God said to live you life right is not going to be easy.

"Any color of the Rebuf that a Loa walks in is not easy. The Rebuf of Red is not an easy Red; Blue is not easy; Black is not easy; the Rebuf of White is not easy. You must hold fast and stand clear to what you say you are; what you say you walk, remembering God, Loa and Jesus. [Papa Ogu made the sign of the cross.]

"Then the walk and the pits that ou fall in, you shall never fall in. You will stumble from time to time, yes. You will stumble but in a clear stumble, you can see the ground before you hit it. When it's foggy, you don't know the distance between you and the ground.

"You don't know the distance. Your life must become clear so you can see the distance. So you know what you have to do. So you will know that you can fall that much, but you won't hit. You must always, always understand that distance, children.

"Understand that distance because living you life right, surely you are climbing a mountain. The mountain is not easy to climb. The top, you will never see. Only when you die, you will see the top. But a bottom is surely there. You look down too long, you become dizzy, an dyou fall, an dyou hit that bottom. The distance from the mountain and the bottom you can't see because your life is too cloudy to see exactly where you are falling from. You hear me. You take this message, and you take this lesson and you make your walk clear. Whatever you are, make it clear. If it sounds no good, then you know it's not clear. Hear me.

"The only key is to let the old go, and walk in the new light. The old will block you totally. If you know your hands are soiled, wash them. If you know your walk is soiled, washi it because the bad deeds of man are done by the minds and what they think, the hands and what they touch, and the feet and where they walk. What matters of the body is the head, the hands, and the feet. The body makes no difference. Understand that. Understand that totally. Understand that.

"You! You are so easy to quit. Why? Because you think it's easy! Even when quitting you still must climb down the mountain You can get halfway, and you look down.

"You can do one of two things: fall and die, or climb down. When you get tot the bottom, you will still die. Understand that! I say it's not easy to quit. It's not even easy to be a coward. Even a coward must work day by day to hide. He's working, hard, just to hide! You get tired of hiding. When someone finds you hiding, now you've got to work again -- using energy, strength to find a new place to hide. So it's not even easy being a coward.

"Children, understand that, Understand my message. I am leaving you now. Understand my message."

December 9, 1990



from Baron Criminel

At the time when leaves fall from the trees, flowers die, shrubs and grass die, even the shrubs and bushes that survive the cold, cold weather, those too die.

Here, where it's cold, at that time when trees die, it's a time when there's a cast over the world. Here is where cold comes. When the trees die and flowers die, the ground around the trees becomes so cold and so frozen until it cracks in barrenness.

And that barrenness could be the very same barrenness under your feet. And with that barrenness not even water will replenish it. That case over the world is a force over the entire world and at that time, things will die.

When things die, at that time, there will be many, many people who will die, too; because that time is the only time when that cast will come.

Men and women can die physically or spiritually. And if a man or woman dies physically, that is good, but if a man or woman dies from a spiritual death, it is the worst death because your life becomes a living hell!

Baron said, "treat your body like it is a tree. Give it water when thirsty, give food when hungry, prayer when weak; give it Loa -- the foundation of God to give it strength." Baron said, "Use the Loa as a foundation for God."

In places like Haiti, Africa, Trinidad, and other places in the world where the cold doesn't come, there will still be a cast that will cover those parts of the world too.

It will become so hot that there will be droughts from the lack of rain. It will be so hot, causing the ground to crack, so hot, causing the shrubs and trees to catch fire and burn an entire area, causing destruction of wildlife, vegetation, pollution of the air and streams.

Some places may have an excess of water causing floods, wiping out an entire area of homes, earth, landscapes, and settling in areas making lakes and streams overflow their banks. In some areas there are earthquakes that swallow houses, cars, men, and women.

At that time, the men and women will die; not from the fire, or floods that will come, it is not the cold or the fire that kills; it's the barrenness that kills at that time of the fires, cold, floods, or earthquakes.

Barrenness is emptiness, loneliness, tears, darkness, and the longing for life and its youth. Baron said, "When the leaves fall in the time of barrenness, let them fall around you instead of you being like a leaf."

October 30, 1988







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