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40 Years The Saga
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What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is a religion. Like all great religions, Voodoo is based on the belief in one God. We recognize Christ as the Savior and we believe in the Holy Spirit (the Holy Loa).

Voodoo means "sacred, high and holy, of God." Voodoo represents the "old time" religions of ancient Africa and the Caribbean. Haitian Voodoo has been brought to America under the auspices of Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. Gro Mambo Angélá, a high priestess of the Haitian Voodoo, has studied in Haiti for more than two decades. She has attained the highest level of spiritual competence. Gro Mambo Angélá is extending her skill and knowledge to everyone. In 1989 she incorporated LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary as an official Voodoo church. Her commitment is to provide American people the opportunity to find God - the African way. She helps people improve their lives and to discover a positive alternative for spiritual growth and development.

Everyone holds an opinion about Voodoo, but few know anything about it. American society, other religious organizations, and the film and entertainment industries have all contributed to gross distortions about the spiritual beliefs of African peoples. It is time to bring that era to an end. Voodoo needs to be brought into the light so that it can achieve its place among the world's great religions.

What are the Holy Loa?

The Loa (singular or plural) are divine forces or the messengers of God. You may know them as the Holy Spirit, the Saints, or as angels. The Loa guide us and govern the activities of our daily lives.

What are the origins of Voodoo?

Voodoo comes from Africa and the Caribbean islands. It grew with the importation of slaves to the islands and became the culmination of all of the various "nations." The Voodoo is the religion of the Haitian people.

What about prayer?

We pray to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Loa. Prayer is the center of Voodoo. "Our prayers are our songs." Through the elements of song, dance, and drums, we create a powerful prayer. The Spirit moves - and the Loa comes!

The Loa Comes? Where? How?

The object of a Voodoo service is to bring the Loa. The medium, the priest or priestess, is filled with the Holy Spirit, bringing the power of the Loa.

Do you help people with problems?

Yes, through meeting with the Loa, people find solutions to problems of the spirit, healings for health and problems of the mind. Hungans and Mambos (priests and priestesses) also help people through readings and works with spiritual medicines and herbs.

What is a reading?

Some readings are conducted by a hungan or mambo, others by the Loa. The reading examines a person's past, present, and future. Readings encompass the spiritual, mental, and physical state aof an individual. It is both a diagnosis and a prescription for positive change.

What is spiritual work?

To solve a problem, a mambo or hungan will intercede with the Holy Loa through the power of prayer, spiritual medicines, and other prescriptions.

Is there a dress code?

We prefer people to dress as they would attending any other church service. Proper dress includes dresses or skirts and blouses for women. Men should wear dress trousers and shirts. White is the preferred color, except for certain seasons of the Voodoo calendar.







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